House and Games Captains

Every September an election takes place in our school in order to elect the House and Games Captains. Those who wish to be considered have to put forward their reasons as to why they should be elected. The houses, Alnwick, Bamburgh, Dustanburgh and Warkworth then complete a ballot to elect their chosen captains.
The House and Games Captains have a number of responsibilities in and around school. Their main responsibility is to maintain good behaviour, provide positive role models and promote the views of the children in their house.
We have regular House and Games Captain's meetings where a number of issues which affect our school and community are discussed.
The Captains also deliver assemblies on projects they have been working on. So far, they have developed a new school menu in consultation with their house, promoted road safety, tackled the eco-friendliness of our school and supported staff in policy development.
Our whole school community is extremely proud of their continued hard work and passion to improve our school.