Special Educational Needs and Disablities

For all pupils at Mowbray Primary School who have an additional need:


  • We acknowledge and respect the opinions of parents and carers and work closely in partnership with them. 
  • We deliver high quality teaching, adapting the curriculum and our resources to make sure the curriculum is accessible to all. 
  • All staff will continue to receive ongoing training in relation to meeting pupils’ needs in the classroom. 
  • Needs based Support Plans are produced for each child. The information provided within them is used to inform planning, teaching and provision. 
  • Regular evaluations of Support Plans and any interventions provided for children take place every term and changes are made as necessary. 
  • We seek support and advice from outside agencies such as Local Authority SEND Support Service, Child Adolescent Mental Health Services (CYPS) and Speech and Language therapists to ensure that any barriers to learning are quickly identified and acted upon. 
  • We differentiate the curriculum and resources to promote pupil progress. 
  • We offer carefully structured transitions at appropriate stages for pupils and parents. 
  • Support staff are carefully placed throughout school to ensure that pupil progress and independence are given every opportunity to succeed. 
  • We have a SEND governor to monitor provision. 
  • We have a trained SENDCo who can provide advice and guidance. 
  • We hold regular review meetings for pupils with high, more severe or complex levels of SEND where parents, outside agencies and school staff are invited to attend. 
  • We regularly use pupil voice techniques to understand the child’s own perspective on their learning opportunities and the support they receive.
Special Education Needs and Disabilities Report and Policy
For further information on how children with additional needs at Mowbray Primary School are supported, please download our report and policy document below: