Phonics Bug

Phonics and Reading
At Mowbray we use the Phonics Bug scheme to support the development of Phonics and Reading.
If you would like any further information on the teaching of reading or phonics, please contact your child's teacher or Mrs Dodds (Subject Leader for English).
Phonics Bug presents phonics learning in a very structured way. Your child will first encounter this scheme in Nursery and follow it through to at least the end of Year 1. Linked to the scheme are structured and graded reading books that are 100% decodable (meaning your child will have been taught all of the sounds they encounter in the book). These books may be issued as a hard copy or through the Bug Club e-portal.
Our English team run parent sessions at different times throughout each year to allow you to explore the phonics and early reading schemes and will offer advice on how to support your child with early reading. Members of the English team will also run sessions at induction meetings in Early Years for parents new to the school and the scheme.
The following link provides some information for you to see how the scheme is structured and the order your child will encounter different phonics sounds and books as they progress through the school.