Chestnut Class News

23rd November 2018

Last half term, everyone settled in nicely into Chestnut Class (and our new classroom). Some of us were new to school and have really impressed our teacher by how friendly and polite we are. Since September, all of us have worked very hard, and the hard work continues this half term!

We’ve started our new class text ‘Private Peaceful’ by Michael Morpurgo. We haven’t read too much of it yet but we do know that it is a novel based on the First World War- that’s our current topic in history. 

This year, we’re starting to spend a lot more time learning outside the classroom. We’ve done maths investigations, reading challenges, art made from natural resources, and science experiments.

On Fridays, we are continuing to work alongside the NUFC Foundation as part of our outdoor PE lessons. We begin by working on our skills, learn to work together as part of a team, then we get to play different invasion games- it’s great fun! So far, we’ve enjoyed basketball, football and dodgeball.

Last week, we had a brilliant morning watching Captain Underpants at the VUE cinema in Cramlington. This was a reward for having had the best attendance in Key Stage 2 last year.  So far, we’ve been quite busy but have lots more fun things coming our way.