Beech, Elder & Mulberry Harvest Assembly

25th October 2018
Yesterday Years 2 and 3 had their Harvest Assembly. 
We began with a lovely song called 'Harvest Song' which described what happens from the fields being ploughed until the crops are harvested. The children sang beautifully.
Each class then recited their own verse of a poem with all classes combined for the final verse. We were very proud at how well all the children had learnt and rehearsed their lines, listening to one another to keep in time!
After a prayer read by one of the children, we sang a final song. This was a new song that we had not performed before and the children loved it as it was funny, even the parents giggled at some of the words showing they enjoyed it too! It  had such a catchy tune.
Lots of people attended our service and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed performing it! 
We're sorry if your child does not appear on the photographs, but not all parent/carers have returned the permission forms allowing us to use them yet!