Literature Works

At Mowbray we follow the Literature Works framework to plan and deliver our Literacy lessons.
What is Literature Works?

Literature Works, established in 2005, provides a practical and supportive framework for the development of language comprehension that benefits the whole primary school. It also acts as a cornerstone to a rich and balanced curriculum. Literature Works, held in high regard by school leaders, is tailored to the needs of each school. A programme of teacher CPD and school events support senior leaders and teachers to develop strategies for the progression and continuity of 'mastery' learning in literacy and English across the curriculum. Teachers use texts to sequence lessons and contextualise learning. Schools are able to make a profound difference to pupils' progress in reading comprehension, vocabulary acquistion, inferential thinking and writing. Pupils are enthused, are encouraged to share their views on what they have read, develop the ability to compare texts, express opinions and think critically. In writing, pupils are motivated, are able to write with a clear purpose and apply grammar and vocabulary appropriately to different writing purposes. Teachers teach to gaps in pupil learning, are able to reduce unnecessary 'scaffold' and consequently pupils achieve more.


The Aims of Literature Works are as follows:

 - To develop and secure continuity and progression in language comprehension, including the development      of dialogic talk, from EYFS to Year Six

 - To provide 'breadth and depth' across the curriculum

 - To use teaching sequences to support coherence in pupil learning, including teacher planning questioning       and assessment

 - To establish a vibrant reading and writing culture that benefits the whole school

 - To provide high quality CPD

 - To share successful practice and knowledge

 - To maintain a strong team of lead teachers

 - To facilitate relationships with libraries; access knowledge and resources

 - To ensure our website provides a platform for teachers to access and share resources, ideas and                 knowledge