Beech Class Choppington Woods Trip

15th October 2018
We went to Choppington Woods on Wednesday 3 October. It was quite a long walk for some of us.
When we arrived at the woods we went on a Scavenger Hunt. We visited seven different sites to collect all the items that were on our list. Some of the items were difficult to find, especially the acorns!
It was great fun having a picnic lunch and afterwards we played games in a huge field.
After lunch we went deeper into the woods and worked either by ourselves or in groups to create a fantastic den. some of the materials that we moved were extremely heavy and took a few of us to transport from one area to another. Mrs Ogglesby told us that we needed to follow the same safety rules that we follow at Forest School to ensure that we kept everyone safe.
Although we were tired when we got back to school we had a fantastic day!