Willow at the Woods

10th October 2018
On Friday 21 September, Willow Class had their first experience as one Year 6 class on
a visit to Choppington Woods. Led by Mrs Ogglesby and accompanied by Mrs Dodds, Miss
Curtis, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Smith, the Year 6 children walked to their first location at the
woods. In groups, they were set the challenge of a ‘Scavenger Hunt, which involved
searching for items on a list, from the natural environment. Items included things such as a
coloured leaf, bark and seed pod blown by the wind. The winning team received house
points. This was hungry work so it was time for packed lunches in the open meadow.

After lunch, the class moved to the woods where their task was to build the most
practical den possible, big enough to shelter at least one person, without any materials or
tools provided by school. All wood and materials used were to be found on the ground Pupils
could choose their own teams. Some groups created low-level ‘tunnel-style’ dens whilst
others created large canopies with a roofs covered with leaves and moss, to protect the user
from the elements. There were some highly creative ideas and lots of previously taught
skills were used. A great day was had by all.