March 2020 - Maths Week Hat Competition

1st March 2020
We  celebrated the end of Maths weekwith a bang,  in our super fun assemby this morning! Last week during Maths Week, each class was invited to take part in a Maths hat competition -  to design and make their own hat inspired by the Maths topics they have been learning at school. We saw shape hats, number hats, time hats, weighing hats amongst others. We were really impressed with the creativity and enthusiasm that was put into the designs. A very well done to all the classes who entered the competition, and an especially big well done to the children of Larch and Mulberry who were judged as the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 winners.  Both classes have been awarded a non-uniform day and some Maths games for them to enjoy in their classrooms.