Beech Class News

6th November 2018
We have had a great start to this year.
We have been using 'Percy the Pink' story during English and we have done lots of writing about him. We tried to suggest captions for the text and illustrations before even seeing the book! We also went outside and did 'Freeze Frame' drama, pretending to be Percy and ordering all the subjects about. During 'Poetry Day' we created our own version of Michael Rosen's poem 'Mary Anne' and performed it as a whole class!
During Maths we have extended our knowledge of Number and Place Value as well as Addition and Subtraction.We have found it a bit trickier this year as we are now working with much larger numbers. We used natural materials to represent 1s, 10s and 100s when we experienced Maths outside. We also made use of the 100 square on the yard to help us with repeated addition and this helped us to see patterns that are created with different numbers.
In Science we have been 'Personal Trainers' and have looked at how the body is constructed and what foods we need to eat in specific prepositions in order to have a balanced diet. We created an enormous skeleton on the field using resources from Forest School.
During topic we have explored 'Tudors' and looked at the lives of Henry VIII and his wives. We looked at the type of house, clothing, resources and schools available in that period. We were not impressed with the schools, that were mainly for the rich or boys, as they went for approximately 50 hours a week. We had a fantastic day when the Tudor Lady came to school and we got to handle artefacts and try on clothing. We were extremely interested in how they went to the 'toilet'! During art we went outside to create a giant Art Attack representation of Henry VIII using materials we took outside and found out there, it was fun!
We have been lucky to work with Newcastle United Foundation this half term learning defense and attack games such as netball, benchball and football. We have learned the rules of the games as well as developing our personal skills.
We had a fantastic time at our Monsters' Ball for Halloween where we got dressed up and  enjoyed our disco!
We have got an exciting term ahead which will be filled with lots more fun activities and we can hardly wait!