Elder Class News

23rd October 2018

We have all settled into Elder class and have begun the new term with a topic called  “Knights and Princesses.” We have found out the features of a castle and how they were defended, as well as what it would be like to live in one! We are looking forward to our visit to Alnwick Castle.

We have read a story about a young knight who rescued the king’s golden underpants when they were stolen by a giant. We have made predictions about the story and found out the meanings of lots of new words.  At the moment we are writing our own poems about missing pets. We are trying to write in the style of a poem we shared called Missing, Daisy. This was about a dragon who was missing and it described the types of things she did. We have put actions to the poems to help us remember them.

We made our own versions of a trebuchet in topic work and have been testing them out to see whose could catapult a pom pom the furthest.