Mulberry Class News

7th June 2019

Last term we studied a non-fiction text all about growing vegetables. This lead to us making some very yummy soup! We had to cut and peel the vegetables, and then wait for it to be cooked until we could taste it. The smell was gorgeous in our classroom. We focused on writing instructions and recipes, and also wrote some vegetable poetry. This term we are reading a science fiction text called Cakes In Space, we are all excited to find out what is going to happen to Astra and her family. We will be looking at writing our own narrative stories and the type of language features we can use to make our stories interesting.

In maths last term, we looked at fractions of shapes and amounts. We also practised telling the time, comparing measurements and reading scales. This half term we are going to be looking at shapes, and positional and directional language. Everyone enjoyed our problem solving lessons outside and we are hoping to do some more this half term (hopefully the weather stays sunny!).

In topic lessons we learnt about Isaac Newton. We found out about his life and his inventions. We even found out that someone stole one of his inventions! We were all shocked by this. This half term we are continuing finding out about the rainforest. We have been doing a lot of art linked to the rainforest and have been using a variety of mediums to create our masterpieces.