Beech Class News

5th March 2019

Over the last half term we have been reading a book called Eco Wolf and the three pigs. It has a twist from the traditional story as it is the wolf that is the good guy trying to look after the environment and the pigs that are destroying the valley by building houses and bulldozing all the trees and habitats for the wild animals. The children enjoyed the twist as they had predicted it would be the same as other stories they had read.

We did lots of work in maths on money and statistics and enjoyed outdoor maths, even though it was raining on some occasions!

During Science we learnt about rocks and fossils. There was some very technical language that we needed to learn such as metamorphic, sedimentary and petrologist! It was amazing how many of the words the children remembered and they were extremely good at working out the type of rocks they were holding using the checklists as support.

In topic we learned about how to create maps and what they are used for. We learned about the different compass points used for directions. We also used the beebots to help us plot out a route from one area to another.

We have had a very busy and exciting term and are looking forward to what this term will bring.